February 01, 2013

5 Things I Like: Aquatic Edition

Clownfish and Anemone Bonding

If you've seen Finding Nemo, you know all about the special bond between a clownfish and the anemone it calls home. How cute are those shrimps in the background? Speaking of skrimps...

Peacock Mantis Shrimp 

What you get when you combine a peacock, a praying mantis and a shrimp. You definitely don't wanna mess with these pretty but creepy lil creatures.

Harlequin Shrimp

The name describes them perfectly.

Christmas Tree Worms

Don't these look like they were designed by Dr. Seuss? They're especially charming when retracting and opening:


I can't believe some creatures actually glow in the dark! If that doesn't inspire yours sense of wonder, I don't know what will. My favorite is the deep sea anglerfish. So fascinatingly ugly, it's beautiful.
To see more fascinating aquatic creatures, may I suggest The Blue Planet series currently available to stream on Netflix? I could seriously watch that every single day.

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  1. Some of these are so creepy/scary. I can't believe shrimps can actually be as scary as the Mantis one! The Harlequin ones are beautiful, but someone look dangerous as well!
    The worms are pretty until I'm remembered they're worms! Once I watched a documentary about sea creatures, and it was aesthetically inspiring but also scary. One really pretty colorful octopod was poisonous! But really, when I saw it I thought: "Someone should make a hat that looks like that. How cute!"

  2. this is one of the BEST comments I've ever gotten on a blog post. and yes, who knew shrimp could be so freaking creepy? it's a strange world down under sea


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