January 05, 2013

blue dress, beloved boots

Ever since I thrifted this 60s dress in Maine many years ago, I feel like I become 60s airline hostess Cherie BonBon. Granted, that may because I used to style this dress with pumps and a vintage red panam tote.
Blue 60s Dress
hat: my dad's * silver hoops: the Gold Door
Every girl has a pair of boots she can't part with no matter how worn out they get. These 60s desert boots were in perfect condition when I  thrifted them in NYC way back but now suffer from the ravages of time. Sadly, there is only so much leather lotion can do :( 
Anyone else care to describe a pair of beloved but beat-up boots?

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  1. I have a pair of cowboy boots left to my family by my late true-cowboy neighbor. He was really from the old west, he used to ride a horse around his property to do his work, which was tending one of those beautiful oregon hazelnut orchards. Times have changed, the orchards are gone, but I recently inherited a pair of his boots. They are my size, but rub quite a bit at the heel. One day I will take them to a leather smith and have that part of the boot either padded or softened. They call to me and remind me of the old days.

  2. I've a pair of boots like that. In fact, I almost only wear these. With everything. And with leg warmers. They're really beat up especially the right one, which I reglued a lot until I found the perfect toxic glue with which it won't break again. I own these since late 2008, and recently bought a similar model that just isn't similar enough. They are kind of cheap Dr Martens-like boots, in black, that are so beat-up the insoles are marked with the form of my feet. Wearing these here: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8215/8330162813_947d9676b9_z.jpg

  3. You look like a modern day gypsy! Those boots are killer, girl!


  4. I have a topshop pair that is basically being held together with hopes and glue haha. but they're so PERFECT, i can't bare to toss them out. they're ankle booties and the perfect sandy brown color. i should have bought like 3 pairs :/ 


  5. Hello, thanks for warning me about my photos not showing, and also for dropping a comment! I think Flickr must have been buggy because these now show alright, that or I'm uploading photos that are way too big. I also looked at the permissions, and it seems just right, but I'll be careful not to upload pictures that are too heavy now.

  6. I've always loved that dress of yours, too... ESPECIALLY when styled as stewardess garb!

  7. I had a pair of black, pleather, "witch" boots that I bought my freshman year of college at Plato's Closet. I wore them so often and they went with everything. The end came when the sole of one of the boots came away from the upper part of the shoe. I miss those boots dearly.


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