January 25, 2013

5 Things I Like

Face Off

Face Off is like Project Runway but for special effects makeup. With the exception of this past Tuesday's competition (so underwhelming), I am usually astounded by the creativity and work that the contestants produce. Also, I have a huge crush on judge Glenn Hetrick (pictured above) that only increases with his every critique.

Artemis Pebdani 

First off, how awesome is the name Artemis?! She's so hilarious, gorgeous and I just love her sultry voice which she puts to good use as a major potty mouth on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If I could be real life friends with any famous person, it'd be you Ms. Pebdani.

This Blog Planner

I know, I became a disorganized and sporadic blogger in 2012. I'm trying to get back on track and believe it's possible with this amazing and free printable blog planner.

the Hairy Bush Viper

No, I'm not being vulgar, it's a type of snake. Is it just me, or does this deadly cutie resemble Sonic the Hedgehog?

Shahs of Sunset

Obviously, I'm into reality TV for some reason. As my own family is near eastern, I really relate to the parent-child interactions on this show. Asa is my favorite "shah", though Reza is a close second.

Anyone else keeping up with the current season of Face Off or Shahs?

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  1. Face Off sounds awesome. I've always wished I had that kinda skill, but watching is good enough sometimes. ;) Also, the hairy bush viper's skin is gorgeous! (To answer your question from a little while ago - I live in CT! It can feel like a bubble, but it can definitely be gorgeous. You live in Virginia, right? Or am I making that up?)

  2. Thanks for sharing that blog planner - I've been trying to make my own and just ended just with pages of confusing carts! 
    I now NEED to watch Face Off and spend hours googling the Hairy Bush Viper because that is amazing

    Have a great day!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the blog planner! 

  4. This is the best and most random list ever haha! make totally does look like Sonic, and that is quite an interesting name that scientists chose for it o.O  And I haven't watches Sunny in Philli for awhile, ans I definitely want to meet this new character. I love her name too! Also thanks for sharing that planer- that'll definitely make life a lot easier :D

    xo Marlen
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  5. Artemis is actually not being feautured on the latest season for some reason : ( She's featured mostly on seasons 2-5. My favorite episode with her may be "who pooped the bed"

  6. I just listened to an interview with one of the judges on Face Off. It sounds like an interesting show.


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