December 10, 2012

the Housewives Tarot Deck

Text and photos by Laura at Applied Glamour
For those who prefer the occult with a side of whimsy and kitsch (and I suspect you do!), I present to you the Housewives Tarot Deck.  
The retro-inspired artwork and design are extremely clever and sure to delight tarot aficionados and novices alike.  First, the package resembles a recipe box and even includes instructions to mix a perfect martini and bake a scrumptious chocolate cake after you’ve divined your future.  
The cards’ illustrations are just as cheeky and clever as the rest of this amazing theme deck.  The Magician is presented as a charming huckster, the Fool is depicted as a careless spendthrift (or a hot mess in modern parlance!), and The Devil?  A decadent chocolate cake on legs, accompanied by cigarettes, Valium, and other unhealthy vices.  The Hierophant is a television set (ha, ha) while the Hermit is a Betty Grable look-a-like lounging in a bubble bath.
Even the suits have been given a retro housewife makeover: The cups become fancy glass stemware, the swords are razor sharp kitchen knives, the wands are brooms and mops, and the pentacles (coins) are dinner plates.
Lest this all seem too gimmicky for more seasoned tarot readers, rest assured that it functions just as well as the Rider-Waite deck.  While the instruction booklet guides you through arranging the cards in 1950s housewife-themed spreads (dinner setting, clothesline, martini glass), any spread you prefer will do!  If you’re a more novice reader, don’t fret.  The instruction booklet also guides you through the meaning of each card and how to interpret them.
The Housewives Tarot deck is great for beginners and is nonthreatening to those who might be a little wary or intimidated by tarot cards.  It’s tremendous fun to trot out the deck at parties and do readings for your friends!  Everyone will be clamoring for your expertise and your killer martini recipe. 
 Have a laugh over the kitschy artwork and be amazed at the secrets this deck can reveal to you.  Happy readings!

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  1. Wow, these cards look great! I am loving this new blog of yours too!!!


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