November 27, 2012

Re-Introducing the Pioneer Dress

I first premiered the "pioneer dress" here on the blog about a year ago, but subsequently removed the post due to personal reasons. This dress is one of my earliest and most favorite thrift scores.
pioneer dress 2
70s dress: thrifted in VA * 60s desert boots: thrifted in NYC
pioneer dress 1
pioneer detail
a close-up of the bodice and a 70s Strawberry Shortcake wannabe
blue jewelz
50s bauble bracelet: thrifted * earrings: Anthropologie 
What I love most about this dress is the rich, unusual rusty color. Do you still have any of your earliest thriftscores? Do you still use/wear them?

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  1. i still have my first vintage dress i bought and wore to prom, i will always have it because it is so perfect and beautiful. As for a thrift store find, hmmm im not sure i know i do have a bunch of things that have been around for a long time but not sure if they were the first. You look great in that dress!

  2. Love the jewelry you wore with this piece. Such a beautiful contrast with the red of the dress.

  3. Ooo, I love this! The details are beautiful. :)


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