November 03, 2012

DIY Beaded Curtain

I recently made this colorful, bohemian beaded curtain for an empty doorway and wanted to share it with you. It's not difficult to make, but it is very tedious. In total, this project took me about 15 hours to string 60 feet of beads. I'm very proud of this curtain and the cheer it brings to my living space.
beaded curtain

How To

beaded curtain

You'll Need

*Beads, lots of them, in a color palette you find pleasing. I struggled for months to decide on what  beads to use until I thrifted a large bag of beautiful, mixed beads. I wasn't about to even attempt to sort through all those tiny beads so they seemed destined for a curtain. 

*Stringing Material such as monofilament/fishing line (what I used), thread or string. Just make sure it can pass through the beads. If you use thread or monofilament, you will need a beading needle. If you use monofilament, you'll also need crimp beads and jewelry pliers

*optional but excellent Pom Poms, Paper Flowers and Sequins. I didn't use any sequins, but they'd make a very glamourous curtain. 

*Wooden Dowel and 2 Cup Hooks this is how you hang the curtain. 
beaded curtain


*Cut a length of string material a bit longer than you want it to hang. Form a loop around the dowel and secure with a knot or crimp bead.

*String on your beads and include the occasional pom pom and/or paper flower. When you have beaded to the desired length, secure with a knot or a couple of crimp beads. Repeat this process until you have as many strands as you want (I made 10). To keep your strands of even length, lay the curtain flat on the ground as you work. 

*Once all strands are finished (and on the dowel),  screw two cup hooks in the top of a doorway and slide in the dowel. Voila! 

beaded curtain


*The bigger your beads, the faster you'll finish.

*Double-string beads if using thread or monofilament to prevent breakage. 

*If you use beautiful string or yarn, you can use knots to secure beads in place and let parts of the material show. This would also require less beads and time.

*For a more bohemian look, use a variety of beads and don't follow a pattern. String in a pattern or single color to make a less busy looking curtain. If you're really ambitious, try making an ombre curtain from seed beads. 
beaded curtain
I hope you've enjoyed this DIY project. I'd love to see any of your beaded curtains. 

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  1. I love your beaded curtain - so colorful!!! :-)

  2. I love this idea! I'm setting up my craft/ kids play room in the basement and we have an empty door in need of a curtain. The pop poms are a really cute addition! x

  3. please share a pic once you're done! yes, pom poms are always a good idea I think

  4. It may have taken forever to make but oh so worth it!  It's the best bead curtain I've EVER seen!!!  What a wonderful job you did -  it actually looks like a work of art showcasing your beautiful wall behind it.  I would love to make one but it would get in the spokes of hubby's wheelchair:(.  I'll just admire yours:)).

  5. thanks! I must admit I'm pretty proud of it. you could always try making one that is quite short and hanging it above a window like how cafe curtains are. I guess the length wouldn't matter, actually, b/c if it's in a window, the strands prob. wouldn't affect a wheelchair. but feel free to admire away!

  6. thanks! do you have a blog link?

  7. That is beautiful, I love this! This is really nostalgic for me, I used to play with the same types of beads and a middle schooler and made belts, surprised I never crossed over to curtains. Might have to try this one, would  be a fun project to make with friends.

  8. I am going to make this, or something like it for my windows


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