October 17, 2012

DIY Halloween "Pom-Pom Monster" Garland

I had so much fun making this "pom-pom monster" garland I wanted to share it with you. I can't help but smile every time I see the goofy eyes.

You Need: 

*pom-poms of various sizes in halloween colors (I recommend several larger ones and many small ones.) 
*googley-eyes of various sizes
*hot-glue gun
*big needle and black string

You Will:

*Hot-glue the googley-eyes onto the pom-poms. I used mismatched eyes for a silly effect on the bigger pom-poms. Some of the smaller pom-poms also got one eyeball so they are mini-cyclopses. You could also glue the eyes all over the pom-poms or make lots of cyclopses. 

*Thread the string through the pom-poms in a pleasing arrangement. 

*Put up your garland with small nails! Tip: I found the larger pom-poms were pulling on the string, so I poked them into the nail-heads to keep them in place.  

Hope you enjoy!

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