September 09, 2012

an outfit plus a couple rings and purses

Nothing makes me feel more ladylike and "proper" than wearing a full 50s skirt like I did a few days ago.
top: naf naf * Guess purse & 70s sandals: thrifted
This skirt came from one of the best free piles ever back when I lived in Eugene. I've always loved red, white and blue together, a combination so awesome, more than one nation has adopted these colors for the national flag (the U.S., Russia, Thailand and France to name a few).

Ring, Ring

I can't wait to wear this with Deborah Lippman's "Happy Birthday". Pretty perfect match, huh?
Earlier in the summer, I visited my sister in the southwestern part of the state where there are quite a few awesome Goodwills. My ring soulmate had recently donated all these groovy 60s/70s rings for me to score, including the two pictured in this post.
I found two 70s flower power rings, the other is red and green. 
Because of all the manual labor involved in moving, I didn't end up painting my nails much at all this summer. Hopefully that's going to change because I feel so much fancier and prettier when I look down at sparkly little talons attached to my tiny digits. (Today I'm wearing "dance baby" under "techno" by Chinaglaze.)

And in recent thrifting news...

... I found these 2 purses. Actually, the top purse is more like 3 in one because you can change the cloth cover. Normally, I can't stand hand-held bags but this one was so cute and carefully handmade (I suspect in the 50s or 60s). The other bag is contemporary and made by J. Crew. I really liked the hardware and figured this would be perfect for a night out.

Moving (and watching Hoarders) made me realize I have way too much stuff! So I thrift less and less lately while donating more and more. Do any of you ever feel the need to detox from thrifting/stuff?

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