August 03, 2012

I Am Still Alive

Well, fancy meeting you here! After a month of my absence, you are maybe a bit dissapointed or annoyed with me. (In which case, I'm honestly flattered you care that much about my blog, seriously.) Please forgive me loyal readers! So many things have come up in the past month that have occupied much of my physic energies. Phenomena such as:
  • moving 
  • cultivating some new friendships...
  • ...the most important of which is my best friend's newborn baby! Proud to be officially "auntie pickles"!
  • hanging up some of my photos at the Blackhand Coffee shop here in Richmond, VA
  • attempting not to completely wither away in the heat
  • attending an outlaw-themed wedding that was nothing short of debauched 
  • contributing my first (of many) article to RVA: get the real scoop on glitter in my exclusive interview with Sirena Sparkles
  • joining a local herb guild
  • slicing off part of my index finger in a deli-slicer (I could see the flesh and everything!) 
Let me bombard you with photos?
My New Apartment
It's still in progress...
teapot terrarium and books
dressform and paintings
Things are coming along nicely overall and soon I'll do a whole virtual tour of my apartment. But not while my new craft room looks like this:

What I Wore: the 4th
all american outfit
vest and dress: yard sale * Ariat boots courtesy of Country Outfitters
birds of paradise detail
birds of paradise print closeup
the Outlaw themed wedding:
Driving to an outlaw themed wedding
where I met Cupcake:
Cupcake the Hog
All other photos from this event would not be appropriate for some of my audience so... you'll have to ask me in person for more details.

It saddens me to tell you that the beautiful cat recently featured in my outfits roundup post was killed by a car only a week after our photo session. :(
me and caprica, one week before her death
RIP Caprica, you are missed. 
And in closing, allow me to present more cute animals:
this cloud has teeth!!
hey! this cloud has teeth!!
what's cuter than a sheltie? TWO shelties!

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  1. I'm jealous of this wedding you went to. Sounds like a good time!

  2. yes, Wendy you coulda designed the perfect themed rings I'm sure!

  3. you have been busy! love your 4th outfit, so cute and your poor kitty! killed by a car! poor thing. now she is in kitty heaven :) an outlaw themed wedding, how interesting! i want to see more pictures of that!!!!

  4. Hey, did you ever start that other blog (or was it a website?) you mentioned? I tried lookin' for a link, but couldn't find one. Your apartment already looks just like you! ;)

  5.  yay, glad you're back!  gotta say i love the birds of paradise dress, and the jean vest.  I remember getting a lot of flack back in the day (4th grade) for wearing a jean vest.  weird.  i was either really ahead or behind the curve.  i want to see the rest of your apartment!!! 
    and lastly, i think you should know that after watching "I Fink U Freeky," Yolandi appeared in my dream.  It was a little freeky.

  6. Oh holy poop. I love your little cowgirl boots and oh boy a PIG! Haha I joined your bearded man group on facebook haha such a lovely idea! 


looking forward to hearing from you!