August 17, 2012

5 Things I Like

Slice of Pizza Sleeping Bag

for sale via
Finally, my love of the outdoors can be combined with my love of gluttony! The pillow toppings are just too damned brilliant!

Buttermilk "Plays" with her "Friends"

OMG, what are they feeding Buttermilk?!

Crochet Bikinis

for sale via
Given my love of both crochet and bikinis, this should come as no surprise to those who know me.


Listening to Robyn has made moving, cleaning, painting and living so much easier the past few weeks. She has taught me that the point of life is 90s-style dancing in huge platforms and tight pants.

Being Greeted at my Front Door First Thing in the Morning by the Following Vision:

All my favorites! Life spoils me. 

Now I'm off to the beach for the first time this summer,
hope your weekend's as fun as mine,

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  1. Ok I'm totally thinking a pizza shaped sleeping bag is a necessity! :)


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