June 02, 2012

Five Things I Like

Bare Escentuals Bronzer

Lately I've taken a break from using blush and have been opting for bronzer instead.

Surya Cream Henna in Red

Even on my extremely dark hair, this henna leaves a nice red tint most notable in the sun. The liquid formula is about 1000% easier to use than traditional henna powder.

Italian Sodas

Although these are so easy to make, they are so classy and delicious. (It's just sparkling water and flavored syrup to taste. Check out these recipes for more refreshing ideas, including how to make Italian cream soda.) My favorite flavors are cherry and candied orange, you?

Dill Pickles

I've always loved dill pickles, especially with a sandwich or burger. Sweet pickles, not so much.

the American Bull Mastiff 

I met a 160 lb one named "Mama" last week and just fell in love with these big, gentle dogs.

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