May 04, 2012

Five Things I Like

my super easy, super cheerful smiley manicure


All you need is: a steady hand * China Glaze's "sunshine pop" (or any other bright, matte yellow) * Sally Hansen nail art pen in black * and a clear top coat (I prefer Seche Vite).

Apply two coats of "sunshine pop" and wait for it to dry (use a base-coat underneath if you're a perfectionist like me). Once dry (be patient!), carefully use the nail art pen to draw on smileys. Wait for them to dry (about ten minutes) and protect with a clear top coat (vital). Voila! Now you have no reason not to smile all day. 

small glass containers

Who doesn't love glass? It really has a spiritual quality to it, no? I recently thrifted this charming vase and I've had these 70s-do-victorian bottles for a while now. 

this very special yarn made from recycled silk

recycled silk ball
I found this is Portland and couldn't resist its beauty. Keep an eye out for an upcoming DIY featuring this yarn. 
silk closeup

bon ami cleanser

I've had a hard time finding it since moving back to Virginia but I like this product so much, I actually contacted the company for assistance. It has 5 simple ingredients and cleans everything like a charm. Plus, it's hard to beat a label featuring a cute, super young chick. 

 holographic eye charms

for sale via
These combine three of my favorite things ever: charms; eyes and holograms. What's not to love? 


ps: I promise to be a better blogger this month! 

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  1. Ooh, those eye necklaces are really pretty! ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  2. Love that yarn. Rustic yet fine!

  3. Love the little victorian bottle, i want a collection of them one day! Hehe, i still have some hologram charms from when i was little :D xxx

  4. so cute little yellow smiles on nails. Thanks for your post on manicure .

  5. I love the nail polish design. so cute :)


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