April 24, 2012

Where Have I Been?

I've been bad about posting lately, I know. I won't give you excuses, but I will tell you what I've been up to lately. I'd been gearing up for a Bizarre Market event, my first time ever as a vendor. Not only did I do better than my personal goal, I also met two adorable baby goats, Marsh and Mallow:
Goat time
Believe it or not, lankly lil Marsh here weighed only 10 lbs!
If you look very, very closely at me from now on, you may notice some of my hair is slightly shorter on one side of my face. That is because Marsh chewed on my hair a little. (Later he began chewing on his own brother.)

I set up with/next to this beautiful lady, artist and terrarium expert Catherine Brooks:
catherine's booth
Her display is like a traveling Anthropologie catalogue 


terrariums and lace
Soon I will be making terrariums of my own. 
heart-shaped glasses
I still have a lot to learn about creative displays
Catherine and Marsh
I can't tell who has the prettier eyes!
pretty eye competition 
ice blue melts your heart
total cuteness overload 
And then this happened:
then this happened
impromptu band photos

Marsh and Mallow

curious goat

Well, I don't think it's possible to end on a cuter note than that!

PS:I'm also getting ready to put items up in my Etsy shop within the week.

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  1. baby GOATS!!!! how amazing! i am sorry marsh chewed on your hair, bad marsh. how could you stay mad though he is so adorable! congrats on the show! after each show you will get better and better.


  2. Beautiful pictures, I like your post and blog!!))xx

  3. Oh, I love the goats.  We have a baby pygmy we got for our grandson at Easter and it comes up the steps to visit us on our deck.

  4. Those goats are too cute! 

    Also, I love that little terrarium. I saw a tutorial for making one in a lightbulb and I haven't had the time to try it but definitely want to... they look so whimsical! 

    Enjoy your weekend :) 

  5. The terrariums are absolutely adorable! And yap, I'm in love with the baby naughty goats, too :) 

  6. You shoved all the cuteness you could possibly fit in one post! :)

  7. hahaha! I'll have to make "shoving al the cuteness possible in one post" a tag

  8. wow fun post! i love all the things you found... and you're right, that does remind me of anthropologie! 


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