April 06, 2012

Five Things I Like Friday: Reality TV Edition

Well folks, I can't deny it: reality TV is one of my guilty pleasures. Need I justify myself to you?

Big Rich Texas

Bonnie and Whitney are so cute. I like how often they wear fake lashes, too.


Mostly I am into the fashions sported by Tracy and Olivia. Look out for an upcoming post featuring my Jerseylicious makeover (no joke).

The Millionaire Matchmaker

The dates on these shows make me cringe and/or gag but it's like seeing an accident by the side of the highway...

Lockup: Raw

...disturbing yet fascinating.

Tabatha's Takeover 

I hope Tabatha's advice helps the salons in the long term.

Well, I think if these shows have one lesson in common it's that you never look classy yelling "bitch" on camera. Especially if, like Pam, you are shouting "don't call me a bitch, bitch!"
Do you share this guilty pleasure? Or did you just lose some respect for me?


  1. Can't wait to see you in Jersey style.

  2. I watch very little TV. I sometimes catch Fashion Star or Project Runway. 

    When it's on, I watch America's Got Talent for all of the really weird talents, like the guy from last year that created a giant domino effect with popsicle sticks... 


looking forward to hearing from you!