March 23, 2012

Five Things I Like

Coconut Oil 

My friend in Portland turned me on to coconut as a general moisturizer for hair and skin. I've been using it as a deep conditioner recently and it makes my hair feel thicker. Have any of you tried this before?

This Ancient Greek Bracelet

How absolutely perfect for an Aries like myself!!

This Luggage Tag
A gift from my friend Sally, this tag always makes me smile. Wouldn't those bees make a beautiful tattoo? I am going to take a less permanent route for now and transform this image into an embroidery project.

Multi-Strand Necklaces
I've been making them lately. Something about lots of small, colorful beads in rows makes me feel happy and confident.

Oh-so-talented blogger Kylie created this recipe that I can't wait to try. Let me know if you beat me to it. 



  1. i love coconut oil! i use it for my hair too and also for cooking! adds such a yummy flavor to food ;)

  2. i love that you like it!  i love it too... the pretty green color.  i've never even cooked with coconut oil, but am planning to this weekend:


  3. Well Coconut oil has lot of health benefits and that is why i like it so much . In addition , This oil helps to make your foods tasty and healthy. Furthermore, It also helps to lose weight which is the main aim of the people over here . 


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