March 15, 2012

Five Things I Like

This Image of Freja Beha
From last month's Free People catalogue, I am enchanted by the hair, makeup, styling and dress (the $500 price tag, not so much). This dress is so sexy, I love the lace-up detail and little tassels. I am so doing my hair this way as it grows out. 

Rondelle Beads 
There is something so utterly fancy yet so simple about these beads. 

Vetiver Oil by Snow Lotus
 My favorite brand of essential oil, Snow Lotus makes the most intoxicating and sensual vetiver oil I've found.

 Wire Name Plates
 As I've begun developing my wire-wrapping/working skills, my ultimate goal is to begin making custom nameplates and words.

Cherry Blossom Trees
Nothing announces the start of spring like cherry blossoms in full bloom. I've been noticing a couple pink trees around Richmond, what about where you live?


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  1. Cherry blossoms are so beautiful! Love them!


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