February 24, 2012

five, no, FIFTEEN things I like: Portland Edition

Hey Folks,
I didn't blog from Portland as I'd intended because I was way too busy having a blast. (I'd apologize, but it wouldn't be sincere ;) To make it up to you, this week I'm listing not five but fifteen things I like about my beloved Portland, Oregon:

People's Food Co-Op

This amazing grocery store features an extensive bulk section in addition to local produce. They also sell palo santo and my favorite brand of essential oils, Snow Lotus.

Wolf Balm

Made with beeswax, lanolin and honey, Wolf Balm is a thick and dreamy lip treatment. Due to its matte, waxy consistency, this balm works great layered under lipsticks.

Powells City of Books
There are so many books in this multi-level store that they provide maps! In addition to books and periodicals, Powells sells locally-made gifts, blank journals and japanese stationary. This store also contains an art gallery and coffee-shop.

Although pricey, Cargo is a colorful and exciting import shop specializing in foreign antiques, jewelry and home decor. Their bead selection makes me drool!

It is so easy to get around Portland by bus. Because this is such a popular method of transport, it's also a great opportunity to people-watch.

The Gold Door
Gold door
This store has an incredible selection of jewelry and religious items from around the world. I've gotten two gorgeous pairs of silver hoops here in the past.

It's everywhere in (western) Oregon! In the woods, the moss makes the trees look like furry, green muppets.

William Temple House Thrift Store
This is a great place to score quality boots, coats and books. My favorite recent score is a sheer, long 90s dress in a camouflage print.

New Rennaissance Bookstore
This bookshop has a vast selection of religious, spiritual and new age books and items, including the stunning piece of jet I'm holding in the photo above.

Stumptown Coffee
Stumptown latte
A Portland institution, this coffee chain makes delicious lattes. The location at the Ace Hotel also contains a photo-booth.

Front Yards/Sidewalks
Portlanders go all out with their lush front yards and sidewalks. It takes me extra long to walk anywhere as a result.
succulents and moss

native plant

Love via Crepes
love via crepes
Love via Crepes is delectable to your visual and dietary palette.The sweet crepes are wrapped up like ice-cream cones filled with stuff like fruit, Reeses peanut-butter, chocolate and yes, ice-cream! (They make savory crepes, too.) The decor features realistic replicas of various crepes.

Atlas Tattoo
Home to some of the most talented hands in Portland, this is where I've gotten most of my work done.

not so unusual
This strange gallery and shop is perfect for those of us who are perpetual adolescents/goofballs.
church of icecream
You can get bug toppings for your ice-cream or hotdog here.

visionary barbie

General Vintage Shopping
Portland is home to so many amazing vintage shops like the Red Light, Rad Summer and Xtabay.

How many of you have been to (or live in) Portland? What are your favorite aspects of this vibrant yet laid-back city? You can see more photos from my trip to Portland here.



  1. looks like such a great place!! xo

  2. I am with you on the moss!

  3. And Powells too, of course.

  4. Awe-so-tome and great photos! Love seeing all those succulents and the moss... I take a little journey to P-town looking at those.

    Also your visit to the Peculiarium, a place I have never been, rendered some really amazing art (like the barbie with 10 eyes!). I guess all those creative juices in Ptown really do add up to something (but I should know that already). 

  5. bums me out that I didn't take advantage of visiting you when I had the chance!  Damn you, past self!


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