February 08, 2012

Favorite Flicks: Rome

The miniseries Rome captivates me through both its plot and stunning visuals. Rome takes place during and just after the reign of Caesar with particular focus on the lives of two plebian friends, Lucius Verenus and Titus Pullo. Even if you are not into history, the plot is very engrossing and steamy. 
There are some seriously foxy men and women in this show!
swoon-worthy and virile Pullo
One major aspect of the show I greatly appreciate is the attention to the many ethnic groups under the Roman empire and ensuing cultural conflicts. 
Defeated Gallic hero and hottie Vercingetorix 
Gallic men, unlike Romans, wore long hair, beards and tattoos
The depictions of Cleopatra and ancient Egypt are maybe my favorite part of the series.
awesome ankh pendant
Amazing wigs:

Rome features an abundance of beautiful hair, jewelry and clothes. 
A madame with blue hair and too much rouge
Pullo's favorite gal, Ireni, is an adorable, petite Gaul with beautiful ringlets. 

I love the vertical components of her necklace and want to create an inspired piece. 
How gorgeous are these sleeves? 
this necklace is so masculine and yet glamorous 
I want this pendant! 
Verenus's gorgeous wife

Scenes of daily life in ancient Rome come alive thanks to the cinematography. 
the Capitoline 
I especially love to see what the interiors might have looked like in their prime. 
inside a Sauna
a vanity complete with roman cosmetics 
such a lush interior
what a view! 

mobile shrine
ancient skull motifs 
how nifty-looking are ancient roman razors?
Have any of you seen Rome? What are your thoughts? 


  1. i love this show. ancient rome is the coolest shit in my opinion.

  2. Oh my GOD I need to watch this show!  Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow what a find! The hair, jewelry and costumes are really outstanding and interesting to my eyes. 


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