February 29, 2012

Cheap and Chic: My Top Ten Drugstore Beauty Buys

All the items in today's post are priced under $10 and can be found at your neighborhood drugstore. (Note: I have not recieved any compensation or special consideration by any brand I have listed.)

Goody Hair Twists
You could struggle with dozens of bobby pins or simply screw this little device into your hair. This tool is ideal for both very tidy and purposefully messy buns. I've seen this work beautifully on diverse hair textures and lengths.

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara

Though I like to try different mascaras pretty often, I tend to come back to the Lash Stiletto line. Available in black and brown, this mascara's thin wand makes it easy to target every single eyelash for curved, long lashes. Use three coats for maximum drama or just one for a natural look. It washes off fairly easily, too.

 Maybelline Great Lash in "Royal Blue"
Perfect if you crave brightly colored, attention-grabbing lashes, this formula is a rich purpley-blue gorgeous paired with brown eyes. The wand is little, so this mascara is also ideal for tagetting lower lashes. TIP: Even if you used black mascara on your top lashes, use this product on bottom lashes to achieve a doe-eyed look. The blue will enhance the whiteness of your eyeballs, brightening your entire gaze.

Sinful Colors Neon Nail Polish
Hot pink is my "neutral",  go-to manicure/pedicure polish. Nothing beats "24/7"in my book, but the other neon shades by Sinful Colors are all bright enough to burn holes in your retinas. For me, that is exactly bright enough.

Neutrogena Ultra-Soft Eye Makeup Remover Pads   

A newcomer to my daily routine, these presoaked cotton pads do a pretty good job of gently removing every trace of eye makeup.


People often ask how I manage perfect winged eye liner. Besides lots of practice, I use q-tips dipped in makeup remover to erase mistakes as I go. These also can work to apply or blend eyeshadow when you're in a pinch.

Sally Hansen "No More Mistakes"
Try as I might, I always get some nail polish on my cuticles. This cleans it up in a jiffy.

A beautiful smile starts with healthy gums. Flossing has been linked to an overall improvement of general health, too. Certainly that makes devoting a couple minutes a day to gum care worthwhile, no?

Revlon lipstick in "Certainly Red"
Very similar in color to MAC's "Russian Red", this shade by Revlon has a creamier finish if matte is not your thing.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects
via (includes review)
I'm so glad these exist. The strips come in a variety of great patterns I'd never be able to paint on my nails myself. This product will stay on your nails without chipping for at least week.

What are your favorite drugstore beauty buys? (I'm always looking for eye makeup remover recommendations.)



  1. i've been meaning to try those twist things. unfortunately they have "blond" "brunette" etc but not "nuclear red", haha.

  2. Love Sinful Colors! Those photos of you under the Aquarius post are stunning, Melina!


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