January 05, 2012

Five Things I Like

Charmmy Kitty

According to her official biography, Charmmy Kitty is Hello Kitty's pet cat. Although it is odd that one cat might keep another as a pet, Charmmy Kitty lives up to her name with her girlish adornments.
Charmy Kitty
my charmmy kitty purse from the Sanrio store
The Expression "Be Well"

I like ending conversations with these parting words. I want my friends to be well so why not tell them? Also, the expression reminds me of the character Cutty from The Wire.

Velvet Chokers
Yes, very 90s but also very victorian. I've always found velvet chokers sexy yet also kinda morbid.

Swarovksi Crystals
You'll definitely get noticed in this number. ( via
Next time you're in a bead shop, compare the Swarovksi crystals with fire-polished ones of the same color. The former sparkles sssssooooo much more, especially when iridescent. Apparently there is even a Swarovksi theme park in Austria. It must be one of the prettiest places on earth, no?
The entrance to the Swarovksi theme park (via).

"Alameda" by Elliot Smith

I'm especially moved by the last lyric ("if you're alone it must be you that wants to be apart").



  1. elliott smith and january go together like toast and jam with a side of beautiful misery.

  2. Ah, yes. Charmmy Kitty. Basically, the difference is that Charmmy doesn't really have full sentience, but Hello Kitty does. Think about a world where instead of primates becoming the most advanced lifeform, felines did. It's possibly the human analogy might be having a monkey as a pet (and humans do). Hello Kitty, as a humanoid, bipedal feline is not the same species as Charmmy. Charmmy is pretty much a normal feline domesticus...

    And that ends today's Sanrio anthropology lesson...

  3. Velvet chokers ARE THE BEST! Hahah, i find it really funny that hello kitty has a pet cat for some reason :D xxx


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