January 20, 2012

Five things I like, Costa Rica edition

Today's list celebrates some of my favorite aspects of my recent trip to Costa Rica.

Titi Monkies
Titi monkey
Y'all know how much I adore monkeys, imagine my joy at seeing these precious creatures frolic and laze in their natural habitat! (video soon)


Almost as love able as monkeys (but also kinda creepy-looking, or is that just me?). Sloths remind me of a favorite kids' book, Slow Lorris.

Gallo Pinto

I could easily eat beans and rice daily, but especially when they're as delicious as this Costa Rican staple.

Shell Dwellers
Hermit crab
The hermit crabs and sea snails along the beach are so lucky to have a portable home.

Pre-Columbian Ear Spools

At the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, I learned that Native Costa Rican warriors often wore ear spools to commemorate their status (and look foxy).


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