January 27, 2012

5 things I like


Hairpins I made using cabochons

They are like fancy French eye candy. (Fyi: A cabochon is technically a bead with a flat side.)
World's cutest push pins
Old-Skool Dymo Label Maker
Thanks to labels, now its easy for me to find my cabochons.  :)
I recently invested in one of these in hopes of improving my organizational skills-- it worked! My craft corner and closet look tidier than ever.

Not that I need yet another creative media to explore, but ever since seeing the work of Charlene Broudy in Costa Rica I can't wait to try my hand at mosaic. (My approach will be to treat mosaic sculptural collage.)

Sliced and Dyed Agate
I hope to find more of this to use in my jewelry making. I like how it is simultaneously natural and artificial-looking.

this Necklace (Made by my Friend Abby)
I love this necklace's tropical vibes and use of vertical beads. (Ps: I also find it very inspiring for pieces I'm making.)



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