November 21, 2011

the Zodiac Dresser: Scorpio

Welcome to another installment of my Zodiac Dresser series in which I explore astrology through outfits. This post is inspired by Scorpio, a water sign symbolized by the scorpion.
60s dress: gifted
Crimson, burgundy and maroon are Scorpio's colors, reflective of this sign's highly intense, passionate and sexual nature. I chose this dress not only for its color, but because its design is tied to the sexual revolution and social upheaval of the 1960s. This decade saw the beginning and ends of many American traditions. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet associated with death and regeneration (hence why it is named after the Roman god of the netherworld). As a result, scorpios are preoccupied with beginnings, endings and personal destiny.
As a water sign, Scorpio is imaginative, emotional and subtle. This sign can also be obstinate, controlling, volatile and infamously jealous. Scorpio's stone is the topaz while its metal is plutonium.
boots closeup
60s pirate go-go boots: Deluxe, Eugene, OR * tights: Japan
Given Scorpio's deep sensuality, it is no surprise that this sign rules over the genitals.
smokey eyes
I chose smokey eyes to reflect Scorpio's dramatic, sensuous nature.
Notable Scorpios include: Marie Antoinette * Sarah Bernhardt * Albert Camus * Benvenuto Cellini * John Cleese * Stephan Crane * Feodor Dostoevski * Grace Kelly * John Keats * Dylan Thomas

Are you a Scorpio or close to one?


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  1. oh my! that dress is beautiful on you! the shape is super flatter and i love the wide panel on the hips! oh man what a great dress!

  2. Fabulous post! Love the red dress and the creative thought behind you wearing it!

     Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
     I'm having a giveaway... 

  3. Pretty! My ascendant is Scorpio & it's definitely ..... evident at times. :)

  4. my moon is in scorpio and quite obviously so!

  5. I think this may be my favourite dress I've seen you wear. It's just so perfect. And you look gorgeous in these photos. :)

  6. Great dress...the color and material are PERFECT!! You look GREAT! :D


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