November 07, 2011

Possessed (by 90s Clothes)

What's better than wearing one 90s dress? Wearing two 90s dresses, duh!
(boots: Squitos from ten years ago * brown dress: thrifted * crochet dress: Buffalo Exchange, NM)
This brown dress was one of my very first thrift scores ever, back in 2002. As my friend Sonya can attest, I've always loved 90s clothes in large part because I wasn't allowed much freedom with my fashion choices in the actual 90s.
How bodacious is this vintage Ford someone parked in my neighborhood?
Oddly enough, it turns out both dresses I am wearing were made by the same company:
possessed tag
I'll have to do a post on the labels with which you become familiar as a frequent thrifter. It is kinda like being a pop culture archeologist in some ways, no?
scarab closeup
Close-up of my awesome vintage scarab earrings, from an antique store in NYC. 
I can't help but smile big when I'm around classic cars, can you?
I hope the extra hour of sleep is a welcome addition to everyone's morning!


  1. That's a very cute combo and you're right about the truck. It's awesome. 

  2. Two 90s dresses are definitely better than one.

  3. funny you post this because today i feel very 90's! love the top dress and that truck is way too cool! i would love to own it!

  4. I love it- you look great!  to be totally honest, I'm normally not crazy about that dress, even though I know it's one of your favorites- but I think with the crochet layered dress and boots I can see it with new eyes.  My grandpa had a truck that looked very similar to that- also an old 1950's brand, presumably Ford. 

  5. Pretty smile! Old Mustangs are my favorite <3

  6. haha, oddly enough NONE of my close friends likes this dress right much

  7. thanks! I am a firm believer that smiles > bitch face ... so much so I'm considering a blog post on that topic

  8. I love smiles, too! I'll admit, I've sincerely attempted the bicthface, but have failed every time. :/ Love your dress and boots together. The outfit looks perfect in front of the vintage car.


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