November 05, 2011

Outfit: Blue and Gray

Since I've been feeling blue lately, I decided to dress the part...
(90s calvin klein dress, stefanel sweater, dooney and burke bag, vintage boots: thrifted * socks: Target) 
Luckily, a longtime friend is visiting me and lifting my spirits. What do you do or say to yourself when your self-esteem is on the rocks?
(vintage men's jacket: thrifted)
(MAC eyeshadow in "tilt " and liquid eyeliner in " desires and devices" * Hourglass lipstick in "fresco")
(Orly nail polish in "passionfruit")
(thrifted earrings made of real vertebrae * bracelet: Clementine, RVA)
The skull bracelet is a new purchase which serves as both a memento mori and a friendship bracelet. Until the end, right?


  1. Well, I think your outfit is super cute. I wish I had the luck to find a pair of boots that awesome in a thrift store score. When I'm blue, I try to think of some of my favourite songs to listen to while I do something I really enjoy. Usually, writing, designing jewellery or water colours are past time favourites, even if I'm not very good at them. Yesterday was really awful for me and I ended up listening to the Sons of Sylvia "Revelation" a few times in a row. Then if all else fails, I curl up and get some sleep. Hope you feel better soon and that the cheering effect of your friend lasts.

  2. those boots are such a great find. I have been looking for a decent pair for ages and I must say those look fab. I love this whole entire outfit, the layering is superb!

  3. why so blue sweetie? well i hope you spirits brighten as you look lovely in blue and i love that wrap dress! i have a blue wrap dress that i love and it always makes me so happy to wear it!

  4. I didn't know Charles Bukowski, I just read a few quotes. He's a genius. Thank you for this discovery! to what a quote is you referring to?woow I think you are really pretty and I love your outfit!!!

  5. adorable dress,  cardy and boots. When I'm feeling blue? If it is to do with how i look, i (no joke, this is embarrassing to admit), start telling myself that i'm beautiful - i figure that positive words are as adhesive as negative ones. if I'm just feeling sad and blue about my life...then i try not to put pressure on myself to do things i don't want to do, and I spend some time with myself and people that i love, just being. Hope it helps.

  6. He was well-known for being a leg man and made frequent comments about it


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