November 25, 2011

Five Things I Like: Thanksgiving Edition

This week's (slightly belated) list celebrates those things for which I am most grateful this Thanksgiving.

me and great-grandma
Baby me and my great-grandma who passed away in 1996
Although sometimes annoying, without my family I'd be lost. We're a close-knit, lively bunch from whom you can expect a generous serving of hospitality and Mediterranean food. To those of you still with me: I love you more than even the most eloquent writer could articulate. To those who've passed on: I miss you every day and especially during the holidays. I'm so appreciative of the time we did get to spend together and the indelible marks you've left on my life and character.

best friend
My best friend as a teen. We met in gymnastics at age 9. 
Friends are the family we choose. I'm so blessed to have several longtime friends who've been with me through the years to share tears and laughter. We've loved each other through differences of opinion because we are bonded by shared values and mutual respect.

Forgiveness: Receiving and Giving
Recently a girl I knew in middle and high school found me online to catch up and compliment my blog. As an adolescent, I had treated her with the cruelty for which 13 year old girls are infamous. I expressed my sincerest apologies and her ensuing forgiveness was a huge relief. Forgiveness is not just a gift to give others, but yourself as well. There is really no benefit in holding a grudge. 

A sense of humor really takes the edge off, 'nuff said. 

I've been practicing yoga for over five years now as part of a life-long commitment. Yoga is a physical and spiritual discipline that's helped me with all aspects of my well-being.

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?


  1. These are all things to be thankful for. Laughter makes everything better.

  2. there are so many things to be thankful for this year! i love yoga too! :)
    follow each other?


  3. aw, those are great 5 things.  love the first picture of you and your great-grandma....  and love that you appreciate your family.  btw, is that last one a record cover?  
    and of course i'm curious as to who contacted you from HS.  what were her initials?  

  4. I've been thinking about starting yoga now that I'll be living on my own soon. Is there a type you would recommend for beginners? I've searched online a little, but there seems to be all different types. Is it easiest to try it at home or is it better to go to a class (in your opinion)? I'm genuinely curious ...

  5. I think as a beginner it is best to start with some classes so you understand the basics of movement, breath and posture but you should absolutely start a home practice, too.
    The type is really dependent on you and you goals. I like vinyasa b/c it focuses on lots of flow and is more high energy. (also tightens up my rear end must say). I also like hatha and yin yoga b/c they focus on slowing down and developing stillness of the mind. I do not like Iyengar but many people do. I'd say the best "research" is to try a bunch of beginner classes and see which speaks to your body the most.


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