October 28, 2011

Soft Brown

It's been a chilly day here in Richmond so I had to wear something that felt cozy and autumnal.
Pictured with my friend Charlie's awesome vintage camper. He also took these photos. 
I don't know why so many people dislike the color brown. I mean, so many good, natural things are brown like coffee, chocolate, dirt, bark and most people's eyes.
(vintage wrangler jacket: yard sale * 90s Dress: thrifted * shoes: Sanita)
(earrings made by a street vendor in NYC)
Earlier this week I got my tragus pierced and it is still quite sore but, to quote J. Colby Smith, "that's the price you pay for vanity." Indeed.
particular (close up)
(vintage pin: ?? maybe Anthill Antiques in Richmond, Va?)
I just love a dress that makes me feel like a sassy broad with a big ass!
(makeup is NYX jumbo pencil in "Rust "  and Urban Decay glitter liner in "Catfight ")
l'oreal "owl's night"
(L'Oreal limited edition Project Runway nail polish in "Owl's Night")
How many of you are laughing at me for thinking temperatures in the 40s are cold?


  1. cute dress, i like how the buttons contrast.

  2. nice dress and wonderful nail polish!!! I love the atmosphere in your pics.

  3. Gorgeous photos! I love Anthill antiques:)

  4. I'm not laughing.  It's cold here in NC as well; we had a it of snow this morning.

    LOVE the old Metro.  Our neighbor had one, a little smaller.  I love it as a camper.

  5. Larissa WisniewskiOctober 29, 2011 at 4:22 PM

    Love your dress!! Brown is such a perfect color for fall. These pictures are really cool!!

  6. Oh I love this post so much!!  You look so amazing posing in your bootilicious brown frock and what an amazing location!!  Isn't the camper just amazing?  It looks like it has been there a while, is it up for restoration?  I agree brown is beautiful and I love your nails and make-up:))). xoxoxo

  7. i love the color brown and i think that color looks great on dark haired ladies like us!  you look really great in that wrangler jacket by the way! i love jackets like that, so so comfy!

  8. It looks lovely! Great photos too, that old camper van is amazing! xxx

  9. oooh I want your badjes!!! ;)


  10. I love the dress and I'd like to make one like it!  What kind of material is it? 

  11. the tag says 100% acrylic but it is super soft 


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