September 20, 2011


This past Sunday I visited nearby Petersburg to explore its historic architecture and antique shops.
trading post
How odd looking is this external support structure?
ivy horse
baby with grapes
I was surprised by the inviting outdoor spaces in downtown Petersburg.

2victorian elephant's foot
In one antique shop I noticed this Victorian umbrella stand made from an elephant's foot.
prosthetic leg
The shop selling this prosthetic leg was closed or I would have taken it home with me to draw and photograph. (My favorite tattoo artist is fascinated with prosthetic legs because his beloved grandmother had one. He keeps one right above his station and has featured it in several paintings.)
bottles and reflection
This is my favorite photo because it involves glass bottles and a reflection, two themes I use a lot.

Check out my flickr set to see all the photos I took in Petersburg.


  1. I must have that umbrella stand!  I don't suppose you remember the name of the antiques shop it was in?

  2. sadly no but it is right on the downtown mall. they also sell all these strange, contemporary paintings that are all psychedelic and faux-alex gray if that helps at all. sorry! also, fyi, that umbrella stand was $1,000


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