September 21, 2011

Outfit: Black Dress and Missoni x Target Tights

This is what I wore yesterday:
velveteen shift
(90s dress, 70s boots: thrifted * tights: Missoni for Target * earrings: the Gold Door * nameplate: Lucky Fortune Jewelry, NYC) 
How many of you were actually able to buy anything from the Missoni for Target collection? What I wanted most were the tights and I was lucky enough to grab a couple pairs. (This is one of the benefits of not living in a big, hip city.) Here is a detail of the tights and my python cowboy boots:
Fyi: these boots are one of my top 5 thriftscores ever
My psychic outfit powers tell me that I'll be wearing this velveteen corduroy dress a lot in the next couple months, it's so cozy and adaptable. 


  1. you look awesome and any outfit you can wear with cowboy boots is a a+ in my book! giddyup!

  2. I like the tights!  I got a Missoni for Target skirt, but am considering returning it because it is on the shorter side.

  3. I barely even knew about the Missoni for Target line and then when I read the madness that ensued, I have to say I was shocked. My friend's boyfriend asked why women were so obsessed over "some colorful zigzags." Anyway, I adore cowboy boots, and yours are no exception!

  4. haha, colorful zig zags. Although I do like Missoni in general, I do feel they can be a bit repetitive

  5. I love your boots <3

  6. Nice work.  And I appreciate your blog, it's such a refreshing change from all the samey samey groupthink "fashion" blogs out there. 

  7. aw, what a kind thing to say, I try to be myself I guess


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