September 03, 2011

30s style Dress

This is one of my new favorite outfits, featuring a 30s style dress:
30s style dress
(dress: thrifted in Portland, tag reads "Lux" * 70s boots: thrifted *earrings: Tawapa * vintage bakelite cuff: thrifted  *slip: thrifted)
I struggled with the exposure to keep the dress from looking too "blown out".
detail of the fabric and pockets
bakelite cuff
This 1920s carved bakelite cuff is probably my all time greatest thriftscore. 
tawapa earrings
If you're new to my blog, I wear these earrings very frequently. 
30s style dress

I feel compelled to say that as far as I'm concerned, it is still summer until September 21st. Anyone else feel similarly?


  1. I adore your dress, fantastic print, and accessories.
    I am ok with autumn.

  2. LOVE this dress soo much and everything you paired with it! the pattern is so amazing! love!!

  3. How cute is that dress? It looks lovely on you!

  4. You look amazing! I'm in total awe of that gorgeous pocket detail <3

    I just read that theoretically, for fall to start (or a different season I forgot) the sun has to be in a certain place and this year it will be there the 23rd it actually rarely falls on a 21st. So we have two more days of summer to go, yay! :D

  5. I can't believe you thrifted that Bakelite bangle.   I saw some the other day that were over $100 - that's a fabulous find.

    As is this dress though - I love the pockets especially.


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