August 21, 2011

the Zodiac Dresser: Leo

August brings us another installment of my Zodiac Dresser series in which I create outfits based on astrology. For this look, I was loosely inspired by the sign Leo.
(bag: vintage Coach, gifted * jeans: thrifted, originally 90s Moschino.) 
Symbolized by the lion, Leo is a big, bold and loud, which brought Dynasty fashions to mind. This sign loves to be the center of attention, hence its penchant for drama, both on and off stage. Leo is associated with the color gold, so I opted for this 80s golden-rod top that once belonged to my mom. (You will definitely see more of these Fornarina platforms in the next couple weeks. I bought them in the late 90s on my first ever visit to Italy.)
leo back
(I find the back more flattering than the front.) 
As a fire sign, Leo is expansive, generous and enthusiastic. Leos are also known to be very creative, loving and generous. Because they are ruled by the sun, Leos are bestowed with warm and charismatic personalities well-suited for material success and popularity. Unfortunately, Leos may also have an exaggerated sense of their own importance, resulting in arrogance, bossiness and intolerance.

purple and golden khaki eyes

Famous Leos include: Zelda Fitzgerald * Karl Jung * Jacqueline Kennedy * Aldous Huxley * Wesley Snipes * Mata Hari * Andy Warhol * Lucille Ball * Alfred Hitchcock * Napoleon * Robert DeNiro * Ogden Nash * Bill Clinton

I hope you've enjoyed today's post,

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  1. the back of that dress is amazing! and you know i am a huge fan of mustard yellow ;)

  2. I love this feature!  And your outfit is gorgeous, especially the back. 

  3. I love how flattering that top is. I'm so jealous you can wear your mom's stuff. My mom has such amazing designer stuff (and shoes!) but she's way smaller than me.
    The versatility of that top is amazing. Add a leather pencil skirt, stilettos or booties and you have the perfect outfit for a night out.

  4. Wonderful outfit. I love the shade of mustard yellow and your shoes.
    I was born on the 5th of september, so I am a virgo, but I do have a lot of leo.
    Thank you so much for sharing, my dear Melina.
    Looking forward to VIRGO heheheheh.

  5. That top is awesome. i love both the front and back. great taste 80s mom.

  6. aw, that is so sweet, I"m going to have to share it with said mom... (not like she didn't already know)

  7. Yeah, I'd have to agree that the front is flattering too.  I like the vague hippie vibe you're doing  with the very 80's shirt, ie peace sign and flared jeans.  I'm interested in the Fornarina shoes...  a blogger I read ( is very into Fornarina and used to work at their store in CA.  Most of it is really really lovely stuff, sophisticated and different.  Can we get a detail on the shoes??  They almost look like colorful athletic shoes from here.

  8. haha, they sorta ARE colorful athletic shoes! I will def. post a close-up soon as I've been wearing these a lot, sometimes I like to save close-ups lest I get too repetitive in a later post.

  9. my mom used to have the tiniest feet (I guess pregnancy makes them grow?) so she has many gorgeous, unique vintage shoes that I can only stare at and sigh

  10. Everyone: I have to say that I had some serious doubts about this outfit before posting it and I'm really surprised and pleased at the positive reactions, thanks so much for your support!

  11. That's an absolutely beautiful outfit: I love all the details of that top, from the shine to the peplum. I've always got along well with Leos; they inspire me and they never want you to be small. They think big and that inspires me to expand.

  12. Wow - this top is a-mazing! Love how you styled it. It's so sophisticated, jeans are the perfect pairing! :)


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