August 29, 2011

vintage brown plaid dress

My latest f.w.o. features this little brown plaid number from the 1960s gifted to me by my friend G..
(90s shoes: thrifted in Texas)
This dress endears itself to me because: it is very lightweight, handmade and easy to accessorize; it is both somewhat modest and very youthful; it transitions easily from summer to fall.
cobalt "liner"
My eye makeup was slightly influenced by anime. I used NARS eyeshadow "Rated R" wet with an angled brush to line my top lids and MAC "Avalanche" (shimmering white) on my bottom lids. (In real life the blue is very electric, less cobalt.)
My friend S. made me this dogwood hairclip and the earrings are thrifted.
(ring: French flea market in the 90s)
On my nails I used Essie's "Matte About You" topcoat over Sally Hansen "Hue". I like how this manicure plays off the yellow tones in my ring's iridescent beads.
plaid detail
I couldn't end this post without a closeup of the fabric to show off these little stitched details.


  1. this dress is really nice, I love reading your blog because you look so cheerful and smiling all the time! (plus you wear really nice clothes!)

  2. Lovely, lovely dress. I wish I could see your blue shoes better.

  3. I like the silhouette of your dress, for some reason it's easier for me to find the full skirted '50s styles versus the closer fitted 'wiggle' style. Lovely pattern too, I can see it working for both summer and autumn. 

  4. absolutely love the dress... it's superflattering and not an easy color to wear!  i used to have a brown halter dress, and in retrospect,  i'm afraid i looked like a piece of poo.   the little detail stitching make that dress really special.  the earrings look like metal wedding cakes... in a good way.

  5. Great dress! I love how you styled it too! Those cotton dresses are getting harder and harder to find, they won't last forever like polyester (but they are cool and comfy)!!  

  6. I love that your shoes & eyeliner match!  And those earrings are stunning!  I also love how the dress pattern looked against the brick wall.  Very cool.  And I agree with the first commenter, you always look so happy and self assured in your photos!

  7. I love your dress and eye make-up! You're darling. I saw your comment on Advanced Style for Sacramento. I love both blogs too! 

    Have a great day!

  8. Your earrings are so pretty! The dress is looking great too! xxx

  9. I'm in love with your dress! I've been looking for similar ones in thrift shops and luck sadly! 
    Your nailpolish is BRILLIANT.

  10. cool dress <3


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