August 04, 2011

Sassy Magazine Editorial: Autumnal

Although for me it is officially summer until September 21st, all the "back to school" ads have me thinking about fall. This Sassy editorial from September 1994 features lots of cozy brown knits.

This is my favorite image from this editorial. Her outfit and the composition are awesome.
I absolutely love the lipstick. These photos are proof that those with fair complexions can pull off dark lips without looking goth.

Adore these boots...
...but sorry, not these loafers. Are you already thinking about fall fashions? How many of you will be returning to school?

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  1. ZombieseverywhereAugust 4, 2011 at 7:43 PM

    I really like the one with her in the middle of the road! :D

  2. Oooh I love the leather jacket, miniskirt, and matching gloves!  I like the first outfit a lot too, and the font is gorgeous. 

    I have ONE CLASS to finish and then I'll graduate!!!   Sooo ready, ugh.

  3. Ugh, no on the loafers and that shapeless jumper.  The rest is lovely though.  I don't wear a lot of brown, but I definitely enjoyed this editorial.

  4. I like a lot of what's going on here. I do like both the jumper and the shoes, actually.

    But that tophat. Heck yeah.

  5. Hi Melina - you asked about the necklace I wore on my blog on Friday.  It was made by Heather, who had a shop called Special on Alberta that has since closed.  Here is a link to her blog though: and her jewelry is at Sweet Jayne in Portland, at Tender Loving Empire and Shop Adorn.  And she will be posting on Etsy soon too (hooray!).


  6. This is awesome! What a great editorial. I love the styling.

  7. Fantastic! I had this issue and actually went out and bought the dark lipstick shown! It was Revlon Super Lustrous in Blackberry and I really, truly wore it. I also had the lace-up Blundstones! Sassy was my bible, obviously.

  8. gotta admit I am kinda jealous of you right now! do you have any photos of yourself at that time you'd like to share?

  9. Oh man, there is quite literally nothing I love more (fashion wise) than autumny knits. These photos make me wanna curl up in flannels and knits, light some incense and watch 90's movies. Hmm ...


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