August 09, 2011

Inspiration: Absolutely Fabulous

Absolutely Fabulous (or Ab Fab) is a hilarious 90s British sitcom which centers on two ex-hippie burnouts named Eddy and Patsy. Although they are supposed to be fashion victims, I find myself inspired by many outfits featured on the show. 
Eddy is using a wardrobe diving rod to find her cosmically-aligned  outfit. I can relate 100%. 
You know how I feel about silver clothes. 
The character whose clothing I most like is Bubble, Eddy's airhead assistant who tends to wear 90s "kindwhore" type outfits.
This one is a particular favorite. So many shades of pink, shiny and a stuffed animal scarf?!
her tiara!
This outfit would be perfect without the t-shirt. The dress, creepers and color palette are so cool. 
great backpack
I want this outfit. More than that, I want the appropriate occasion to wear this outfit. 
I am totally into this suit, which I believe is Christian Lacroix. 
Patsy's white sheath dress is quite lady-like, but this lush is a hell raiser. 
This happens. 
This show also boasts one of Idris Elba's first performances. If you thought he was sexy in the Wire, wait til you hear him speak with his authentic English accent. 
How gorgeous is the actress who plays Patsy's sister?
Another amazing suit. 
very Olsen twins, no?

This is my favorite outfit because of its sporty references. Swooning over the shoes. 
Any other Ab Fab fans out there?


  1. i loved seeing the episode in which marianne faithfull plays god and anita pallenberg plays the devil. soo cool to see anita  on screen again

  2. I've been meaning to find episodes online!  it sounds hysterically funny.  the characters look so interesting!  Especially Bubble.  I love that she's rocking reddish lipstick in the middle of all that pink stuffed animal fur!

  3. I love AbFab, though I haven't watched it since it ran on Comedy Central in the '90s. But the type of dress Bubbles wears is kinderwhore, rather than kindwhore, a la Hole and Babes in Toyland (one of my favorites).

    By the way, great blog! Thanks for entering my Zoya polish giveaway :)

  4. I love it. Sweetie Darling Sweetie. I also really love love the dance mixes of Abfab. so good.

  5. woops! I mean kinderwhore but obviously I shouldn't proofread blog entries while tired!

  6. yes!! so on point with "sweetie, darling sweetie + command", poor Saffy

  7. "It's LaCroix, sweetie."
    I was just thinking to myself that I used to watch it in high school... but then I remembered it was because you asked me to tape it for you!   I'm not so into the fashions, but I loved Pats and Eddy.   And bonus Idris Elba?  To say it in a true 90's way: He is so fine. 

  8. Oh my gosh, those fluffy pastel outfits are the best!! xxx

  9. i love how mean they are to saffy! i adore that show!

  10. I adore Ab Fab! You've picked the best outfits <3

  11. I shall definitely I will have a good look at the show.
    Thank you for your warm welcome, my dear Melina.

  12. Haha yes this is so great! You did such a better job of showing the outfits than me :D and including the amazing humour of the show (seriously so excited for the new episodes!)


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