August 24, 2011

Frequently Worn Outfit: Striped Skirt

I've worn this outfit so much lately that it's inspired a new acronym here on the blawg: f.w.o. (frequently worn outfit).
striped skirt
(top: thrifted in Oregon, originally Banana Republic* 90s skirt: thrifted in Indiana * 90s shoes: thrifted in Texas, originally North West Blue * purse: gifted, vintage Coach *sunglasses: Deluxe in Eugene, OR * earrings: the Gold Door * nameplate: Lucky Fortune Jewelry, NYC)
striped skirt
My makeup was quite simple and soft.neutral eyemakeup
Some exciting blog news: a really talented and generous friend is going to help me create makeup tutorial videos! I have already planned to do a whole series on smokey eyes, but was wondering if you have any requests? (Don't forget about makeup looks I've already shown.)
iridescent ring
I think I got this ring in the late 90s at a french flea market? I thought I'd only be into matte nails for the rest of August, but I forgot how much I love Deborah Lippman's "Happy Birthday" glitter topcoat (worn over Sally Hansen "White On"). I wish there were a nail polish that looked exactly like the iridescent beads on my ring.
happy nails
Oh and while I was taking pictures, I ended up meeting one of the cutest creatures of all time:
me and boone
Doesn't this lil pup just melt your


  1. Loving your outfit and nails.

  2. Lovelovelove your nails in this post!!



  3. i love it! i hope this becomes a frequent post! love the skirt and that lil pup is waaay too cute!

  4. I'm all for the stripes. Cute outfit - reminds me Hgo Boss' collection. Thanks for sharing the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

  5. awwwwwww what a cute puppy :3!!!!

    by the way - check out the Nubar nailpolishes ;) they have a lot of great looking iridescent colours - i think they do have one like the pearls on your ring :)!


  6. thanks for that suggestion! I've heard of this brand but never seen it in real life so I was not aware of their entire color range.

  7. okay so I am a guy and I got to say...  your nails are flipping cool!!!

  8. I'm excited for your tutorial videos! I love make up, but never wanna spend the money experimenting on products if ya know what I mean. I'd love to see how different brands and products turn out. :)

  9. I was about to reply with an excited rant about the awesomeness of your nails, but then I saaw the puppy and just melted into a puddle of love.

  10. you've just made me wonder how it would be if I somehow we could get glitter on the puppy so it looked like my nails... yay or nay? (I'm not actually going to do it)

  11. The puppy's legs look like sausages!!! 

  12. Love the acronym, definitely have a bunch of fwos... And that dog is adorable, looks like a baby polar bear!

  13. Love this top coat! The glitter is so pretty and looks great on white. :)  Awesome sunnies too - you look great!


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