July 12, 2011

a long overdue post about the rest of my road trip

I'll bet you are wondering why it's taken me so long to finally finish blogging about my road trip and why you haven't seen any outfit posts lately (thanks for caring). I was asked to housesit in Brooklyn the past couple weeks and was too busy exploring the city and catching up with old friends. But that's a whole other post....
So, to wrap up my cross-country road trip experience, I drove through Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia before arriving at my final destination in Richmond, Virginia. Indiana had many eerily beautiful, decaying buildings but it was raining most of the day so I only managed to photograph one architectural gem.
Oh, and this sign:
My day in Ohio was even rainier, but luckily I was indoors for most of it because I was touring the Airstream factory (pictures are not allowed inside, sadly).
airstream service center
airstream service center
airstream desk
vintage airstream
Fyi, the more seams you find on an Airstream, the older it is.

I really hope for the opportunity to revisit and photograph both Indiana and Ohio during nicer weather.
By the time I made it to West Virginia, I was tired and running out of time so I'm sad to say it's my own fault I didn't take many photos. Luckily,  I'm very likely to return quite soon. I did manage to get a few pictures of this very stylish biker, though:

Click here for more photos of the final days of my road trip. Although I love being on the road, it is nice to be able to catch my breath, start a new chapter in my life and resume posting about outfits and fashion.


  1. I love that beautiful old building - I've been dreaming of a US road trip since I was 17 - it must be nice to be home again:))) xo

  2. So amazing seeing all your photos :) Looks like such an amazing trip!


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