July 31, 2011

lavender and skulls

Do you ever like an outfit so much you wear it at least once a week for a month  or more?

I've been wearing this particular outfit frequently since late May.
I got both the skirt and boots on my southwest road trip. I owe Madeleine a giant thank you for finding the Justin boots in New Mexico. I found the skirt later in Salt Lake City.

(t-shirt: by Dulce China * skirt and boots: thrifted *nameplate: Lucky Fortune Jewelry, NYC)
sally hansen "dvd"
I've been into this nail polish ("dvd" by Sally Hansen) consistently since March. It takes 3 coats to look opaque, but it is the perfect combination of blue and lavender with micro-glitter.
fashion victim
The skirt's tag is pretty cool, too. (I couldn't manage a clear photo, sorry. The letters are all made of bones and the "T" is a sword through a skull.) I wish more tags included the year of manufacture.


  1. ZombieseverywhereJuly 31, 2011 at 5:41 PM

    oh how I love that shirt of yours!!! :D

  2. Haha,  I do that with outfits all the time.  This summer there's a dress I want to wear every single day!

    This outfit is so badass.  I wish you had taken a closer view of the shirt!  the girl looks a little like you! :)

  3. I wish tags included a year also.  I've been trying to decipher the origins of a dress I thrifted last month...vintage, but HOW vintage.  Admiring the shirt!

  4. love your skirt! and your shirt is so cute, totally looks like you!


  5. HELL YEAH, I do repeat performance outfits like it's my job!!! I have to literally stop myself sometimes.

    I LOVE your outfit!!! I just got a fun lap desk with skulls all over it! And one skull is wearing mirrored aviators...obviously the cool guy. Also fun nail polish color with a super apt name! I dig!

  6. love that nail color! must have. 


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