June 12, 2011

the Zodiac Dresser: Gemini

Today's post continues my Zodiac Dresser series in which I explore different signs of the horoscope through outfits. 

Symbolized by twins, the zodiac sign Gemini is noted for its dual nature. Therefore those born under this sign are considered very versatile (but also two-faced). Appropriately enough, these photos were taken in the "twin cities" (specifically outside the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis). I chose to wear this sarong because it is an extremely versatile garment and is yellow, the color associated with Gemini. 

(sarong, sweater, purse and sandals: thrifted * tank top: Target * earrings: Tawapa)

Like the male figures printed on the fabric, I wanted to show off my arms and shoulders as this is the bodily region ruled by Gemini. 

As an air sign, Gemini has an intellectual and communicative personality. Ruled by the planet mercury, it follows naturally that this sign is mercurial in nature. As a result, Gemini can be nervous, superficial and inconsistent, but also very lively and youthful.

Favorite notable Gemini: Marilyn Monroe * Gene Wilder * Allen Iverson * JFK * Jacques Cousteau * Georgia Myers * Sir Laurence Olivier * Bob Dylan * Pattie Labelle * Mel Blanc * Angelina Jolie * Johnny Depp * Tupac Shakur * Allen Ginsberg 

If you are a Gemini blogger, be sure and share your link with us!


  1. i love that sweater! i have one similar to that but has the worst static cling!!


  2. Gemini! Thats me!  http://visionescosmica.blogspot.com/ 

    I love/hate my sign, and I embody it completely. I like being adaptable and youthful but I wish I was more grounded and I definitely hate being 2 faced. I try to not be but it never fails... I just want to agree with both sides all the time. 

    I did not know that my bodily region is arms/shoulders, I am going to pay more attention to them now, thanks! 

  3. I'm a Gemini blogger!  Everything except for the yellow color rings true!


  4. I love the sarong! You look really great in these photos. :)

    I didn't know all this about the Gemini personality. Thank you for the information. I can definitely see the similarities between the Geminis you mentioned.


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