June 08, 2011

Wallace, Idaho

As I mentioned in my last post, I was in Idaho this past Saturday, Wallace to be exact. I wasn't planning on stopping, but something shiny and silver caught my eye...
That's right, a vintage Airstream! This post is the first to feature pictures taken with my new (to me) camera, an older model Digital Rebel. Lemme know what you think. (I always appreciate photography advice and constructive criticism.)
blue tower with american flag
I was very taken with this tower.

traffic control
best shirt ever.
Sadly the Oasis Bordello museum was closed by the time I got into town. Now I simply MUST return as few spaces are as archeologically and culturally interesting to me as historic brothels.
lake couer d'alene
This is Lake Coeur D'Alene and is west of Wallace. Wanna see more photos of this charming town?  More from the road coming up,

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  1. zombehseverywhereJune 8, 2011 at 9:23 AM

    I love old school looking towns like that! :D

  2. mmmeeeee ttoooo! Just you wait til I post about Butte Montana

  3. A brothel museum?!? Ha, no way!  That is too cool.  I'd love to check it out as well!

    Fun fact: after the madam of Huntsville's largest brothel died, she donated the space to use as a hospital!  And thus Huntsville Hospital was born...

  4. I am having a dream about going to a brothol museum, a weird, but awesome dream. Anywaayz I am so jealous of your collection of airstream photos. About a block away from me (this is suburbia mind you) there is this old couple who live in a quaint 50's home with this crazy airstream in front of it.

  5. Wallace had active brothels until 1989.  A rumor somehow got started that the FBI was coming to raid the brothels in Wallace and the "girls" literally went flying out the doors, leaving most of their personal possessions behind.  The rooms are just as they were left--even the price list is on the wall.  It is all very interesting  but also very bittersweet--especially if you know some of the stories about the individuals and how they were treated.

    It definitely is worth a trip to Wallace--which has a bunch of other attractions in addition to the brotherl museum.

  6. Oh wow.  That is so fascinating!  Poor girls, though...but thank you for the information, now I definitely want to read more.

  7. Oh, this is the part of the country where I lived as a newlywed.

  8. What a pretty town and the Airstream is amazing!!  Looks like you're having a great time with your new camera - very exciting! xo


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