June 22, 2011

Some Found Photos from the 30s and 40s

I (somewhat) recently found a few vintage photos I wanted to share. Most of them are of the same woman and date from the late 30s and early 40s. I am really dorked out on the some the architectural clues in the backgrounds as well as the subject herself.
back reads "11-17-1937"
back reads "Mar 1944". Given the date, I wonder if she is tending a  victory garden
no date given
back reads: "May 29, 1931/ Carol, Baird"
I don't think this last photo is of the same woman. It is my favorite of the group because of her dress and its patches. Although it is from the early 30s, doesn't this outfit have a 70s vibe?

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  1. zombehseverywhereJune 22, 2011 at 11:42 PM

    wow! Those are amazing!

  2. Love, love, love, love. My fav is a toss up between two, three and four. I agree, the last one has a seventies vibe.

  3. She looks fantastic, doesn't she? I especially love the garden photo. Great finds! 

  4. Oh my god, I love photographs like these more than anything.  Thank you so much for sharing these!  The first woman is so gorgeous!  I wonder where she is, standing outside in shorts for a photo dated in November?  The second picture is my favorite.  I love her outfit, expression, everything.  How perfect.  Where did you find them?  Again, thank you very much for sharing them!  Photographs like these are so truly special.

  5. I found these all in Portland back in march. so I sorta assumed they
    are taken in that area and the early 20th cent architecture would be
    historically possible (unlike, say, an 18th cent Georgian manor or
    something) I totally adore old photos, you should check out the links
    to my 1920s photo album for some real gems

  6. i love how the 70s did the 30s! great photographs

  7. I'm a collector of vintage photos too and especially look for images of women with excellent style-- isn't it funny how a lot of these pictures seem to be taken solely for purpose of documenting the women's outfits? They're a precursor to style bloggers! 

  8. You're so lucky to have these amazing photos.  Such beautiful outfits in every single one and yes I agree with Leilani, it's interesting how women documented their favourite outfits.  It's something I notice in a lot of my mum's very old pics - proud to be out and about, looking spiffy:))) xo

  9. I love these pics, they are amazing!


  10. haha, so cute! I hadn't even considered that she was documenting favorite outfits. I wonder if it wasn't her lucky boyfriend or husband who took/kept these photos? (based on the look in her eyes)

  11. hrm, now I wonder if it wasn't taken in souther california. Many people from there have ended up in Oregon and it would make sense that the growing season would start as early as March. but who knows, maybe these people took their time developing photos and just dated them when they got them back?

  12. I adore the 40s. Fantastic collection of photos Melina.
    Thank you so much for sharing them.

  13. I'm impressed with your architectural knowledge. :) I love what Leilani said about the "precursor to style bloggers". She's probably right. The bottom look definitely has me thinkin' 70s, but also that I may actually want a big, floppy hat. :)


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