June 14, 2011

Diana Mini Sampling

The main difference I've noticed between the Diana F+ (which I borrowed) and my Diana Mini is image sharpness. (Also, the mini uses a square or two pictures per frame format.) These photos tend to be clearer, perhaps just because they are smaller.
It is more difficult to get psychedelic effects without double exposures. I'm going to experiment with the bulb setting and long exposures to see if it makes a difference.
end times
out of the frame
These photos were taken in Brownsville, Oregon.
You can see similar photos taken with my diana mini here.
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  1. i love that picture of the half car!


  2. I love your Typewriter, it is so cool, it reminds me of alice in wonderland. I love how your photography has gotten latley.

  3. hi! i like your blog. i'm a lomo fan and i looked at your diana f+  and your diana mini photos..  your Diana f+ photos are all cropped.. do you use 35 film in it? it uses 120 film. the diana f+ actually makes square photos on 120 film. that's why yours don't look clear, because you only get the corners of the square photos, that the diana f+ is vignetting, it is sharper in the centre of the square photo.  i'm asuming you know this though! but i just wanted to point it out, because of what you say in this post. Also, the diana mini creates less clear photos compared to the diana f+. here's an example of a diana f+ photo from my blog: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-LbvFNEXQumc/To16RcihiuI/AAAAAAAAGZE/w81HZ8lt0xQ/s1600/6833791.jpg

  4. Hi,
    Yes, I used a special back that allows for 35 mm film in the f+, which was borrowed. the mini has less clear photos but it is adorable and easier to find 35 mm


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