May 15, 2011

Eastern Oregon (John Day and Kam Wah Chung)

All good things must come to an end and sadly road trips are no exception. Our very last day was spent visiting John Day and driving from eastern Oregon to Portland.
We felt something special the moment we crossed the border between Nevada and Oregon, even before we saw this sign.
horse lover's cemetery
horse lovers: deceased
traffic jam
Traffic jam!
public restroom (you know you're in rural oregon when...)
You know you're in rural Oregon when...
kam wah chung (and co.)
I've been excited about visiting Kam Wah Chung for years now. It's a turn-of-the-century Chinese apothecary full of amazing artifacts.
kam wah chung (altar)
kam wah chung
kam wah chung
Sorry my photos are blurry and dark, flash was not allowed.

Want to see more pictures and videos of Kam Wah Chung and eastern Oregon? If you have any opportunity at all to visit Kam Wah Chung, I urge you to go.
In other news, it appears that blogger lost my last post about Nevada and Utah :( Oh well. Also, I bought ( is taken, the gall!) See you here again soon,
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  1. Congrats on the move to your own  dot com :) 
    These photos are fantastic! Love 'em :)

  2. This looks like so much fun! I have always wanted to road trip across the US. my family did a trip up the east coast when I was about 9 but I don't remember a lot of it.. and I couldn't drive anyway! 

  3. barbara bullemerMay 15, 2011 at 8:49 PM

    tattooedhousewife is taken also.  that's my blog name, so i had to tweak it.  I hate that!!!  the last post the other person had was in 2006!  you would think they would just delete it! 

  4. The traffic jam made me laugh so hard.  I've been late to a college class because somebody's cows got loose!  eeep, Alabama...

    I can't believe I've never heard of Kam Wah Chung!  I love apothecaries.  The tins and bottles and jars are so beautiful.  And I love the fixtures hanging from the ceiling, they look decadent and glamorous even still.  that is so cool, thanks for sharing pictures!

  5. Fantastic travel pics. Nothing I would love more than travel all the States . I have already been twice to North and South Carolina, Georgia and New York. But there is so much more to see.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. very cool tableaus in that shop....  or, maybe it's more of a museum now.   wish i could have one of those dangling... lanterns?  objects?  in my living room.  was it as good as you had been hoping?

  7. ooohhh well done on buying your url....i bought mine a month ago too before someone else pilfered it!!..... my mrs is desperate to go to portland, maybe we will make it there one day...hope you had an uber good trip! x

  8. it was better than I had imagined. It is no longer a shop now, but a
    museum. If I had no morals or dedication to cultural heritage, I would
    so rob this place-- oddly enough the lanterns were also my favorite
    object there. (they are intended to be burnt as offerings and similar
    items are still available in chinese import shops fyi)

  9. what is your blog url? I'd love to stop by


looking forward to hearing from you!