April 03, 2011

Victorian Ephemera: Time to Plant?

I'm posting some more from my vintage ephemera collection just in time for the growing season. These would make cute row markers in a garden if printed, laminated and glued to popsicle sticks.What are you planting this year?

All my vintage ephemera will be added to my Vintage Clipart Flickr Set. You are free to use these copyright free images however you wish provided you abide by my terms of use. A link back to my blog or the flickr set is much appreciated. I'd love to see what kinds of projects these images inspire, so feel free to contribute to my Vintage Clipart Project Gallery.

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  1. your epherma collection is way cool! I love the cantolope (bad spelling) mostly because melon is amazing.

  2. Such a lovely collection - the melon is my favourite :)

  3. Wow, great images! I just planted some leafy greens today - finally - it's been such a cold spring. I can't wait for the growing season to kick in properly!

  4. We are planting tomatilloes for the first time, as well as okra. Everything else is pretty standard...though this is our first year using raised beds. Do you plant a garden?

  5. unfortunately not! I do not have a garden/the time right now, although
    I do plant potted pansies in the fall

  6. It is time for planting here, as well; although we do not plant very much because we travel through spring and summer. In May we are off to Berlin, and July to England.
    Lovely post Melina.

  7. i love these! I adore anything victorian, such a scary/opulent/beautiful era...

    my husband & I are going to grow herbs as usual, but we're also gonna try growing some hops for our home-brewed beer

  8. These are so beautiful, the work that went into creating these images!! I am attempting a moon and stars watermelon (again), as well as my usual heirloom tomatoes and strawberries. Oh and peppers, I love those too!!


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