April 29, 2011

Outfit: Python

Here is the outfit I wore yesterday while in Albuquerque:
There is this random bear chained to a bench in Albuquerque's historic city center.
(2nd hand dress by Betsey Johnson * tights: smartwool * recently thrifted Justin boots * thrifted jacket by CK jeans, patches added by me * vintage razor blade charm: antique shop in Argentina)
python and razor detail
python bear
Fyi, the bear is actually chained in place:
chained bear
Before I hit "publish" let me ask: does anyone who lives here actually call it "ABQ"?

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  1. yea! i LLOOVVEE this outfit. the whole thing is so cute but the patch is the ultimate.

  2. I am always looking for second hand Betsey Johnson dresses! What a find! Love these photos. You have such a great vintage yet modern look. Gorgeous

  3. Aw, poor bear! He reminds me of the bears outside of the Rocky Mountain candy/fudge shops. Your outfit reminds me of the '90s (in a good way). I've been watching My So Called Life on netflix lately and your dress/jacket looks like something one of the characters would have loved!

  4. I meant to say that this is the most Jenny outfit that I've put
    together, totally reminded me of your style

  5. That is one crazy looking bear :D


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