April 07, 2011

New Developments: Mini Cherries, Aqua Lids, Fuchsia Lips and More

New Developments:
Q: How many cherry print dresses does one person need? A: Let's find out.
far away
(50s dress: Nobody's Baby * shoes: Sanita * socks: Target * belt: thrift)
As a young teen I found an awesome scratch and sniff cherry print dress that my mom got rid of and then denied in that mom way that really means "prove it." Oh well, I guess I can forgive her on account of all the unconditional love and good food through the years. I stopped liking cherry prints for a while, but now they're back in my life with a vengeance.
cherry detail
Man, when I first started thrifting I ignored many of these 70s butterfly belts and regret it now.
I'm super into aqua lids and fuchsia lips if the title didn't tip you off already.
aqua eyeliner close up
I've been into using wet shadow, too. If you're using the right formula (ie. wet/dry) the color gets more intense and velvety. It reminds me a bit of working with gouache which is pretty yummy in my book. In this case I used MAC's "aquadisiac" and an angled brush for an eyeliner effect.

Life and Blogging
So, I've officially just got my masters. I'm presenting at a conference later this month and then road tripping with a friend through the southwest. I'm also seeking employment and deciding where to move next. It's a pretty uncertain and transitional time, but actually that kind of pressure seems to help me think clearly so I'm not really all that worried. I'll keep you posted as things progress.

If any readers live in the southwest and would like to clue me in on good local haunts, food, traditions, history and/or thrifting, please get in touch. (Dry shampoo recommendations are also welcome.) I'm going to blog from the road but with less frequency. I'll basically be neglecting the blogs I read, sowwy. In other web news, I have a tumblr now and looking for other tumblr blogs to follow.
Well, that's all folks,

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  1. You and I are completely on the same makeup wavelength right now! I'm looking for the perfect fuchsia lipstick, any recommendations?

    And congratulations on your masters!!! That's so fantastic. Where are you thinking about moving?

    I had no idea scratch and sniff dresses even existed. And I love Tresseme's dry shampoo, it's in pretty much every drugstore so it's really easy to find, and is only about $4 to $5 a can.

  2. Thats a cool butterfly belt! being a guy and all I would never wear it but it would look great on my girlfriend! :D

  3. i love your eye liner! i looks awesome on you!


  4. congrats! and your travel plans sound awesome!

    you can follow me on tumblr if you like ;) http://visionescosmica.tumblr.com/

  5. I love your cherry dress, and butterfly belt.
    I wish you all the best in your Southen adventure.
    Thank you for your kind words, my dear Melina.

  6. I love the contrast between your eye makeup and dress. how do you manage to find such cool stuff?! Congrats on your masters! OH, and btw i really love your butterfly belt!!

  7. Congratulations on your Masters! As many cherry dresses as one desires. At least one! Which i do not have. boo.

  8. girl you can sew and I have def seen some adorable cherry printed
    cottons in the quilters section that I'm sure would make totally cute
    summer dresses

  9. I always keep my eyes out and also I have years of collecting on you --
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    a decade now. I've had the great fortune these past two years to live
    right by a very affordable and excellent quality Vintage shop. The
    ladies there will often put aside an item for me if they think it is
    my taste/price range. This is my best suggestion for anyone getting
    into vintage.


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