April 26, 2011

My "Dangerous Beauty" Dress and White Sands

Did y'all think that just cuz I'm roadtripping I wouldn't be wearing any cute outfits?! Of course you didn't!
white sands
Because of the red roses, polyester fabric and the photorealistic print of classic movie stars, I refer to this as my "dangerous beauty dress." (*90s dress: Anxiety *mary janes: Target * tights: Smartwool *vintage sunglasses)
dangerous beauty close up
Normally I can not stand polyester, but I can make an exception for this dress. What are your feelings on polyester and do you ever wear it?
white sands
Speaking of dangerous beauty, I took this photo at the stunning and blinding White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. Having spend all winter in Oregon, my eyes were definitely not used to so much light!
We stayed in a motel the other night where the owner said not to bother with White Sands and that it was "ugly." I suspect now that he is either a jaded curmudgeon or on some kind of terrible, terrible drugs.
The visitor's center at White Sands was designed in the 1930s by Lyle Bennet, famous for his "adobe revival" architecture throughout New Mexico.
Have you ever been to White Sands National Monument? Next time I want to sled down the dunes. More from New Mexico soon!

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  1. I've never been that far west, but I would love to go! It looks beautiful.

  2. I was in New Mexico recently, and I was amazed by how bright it was, but also by how windy it was! I didn't have 40 mph winds, but it was very windy. And constantly windy. I didn't get to White Sands though, it's beautiful.

    And I think this dress is amazing - a good one to break the polyester rule.

  3. I have never been to white sands, but it looks gorgeous--if you have your sunglasses on. As for polyester, I wear it--sparingly. Wore it almost non-stop in the 70s and I always thought it had a funky smell.

  4. That is the best dress I've ever seen! Oh I love it so much! I try to avoid polyester too but I would also most definitely make an exception for that dress.

    The white sands are gorgeous! I had no idea such a place existed, I can't believe I've never heard of it before.

  5. my friend told me about it and I def. feel a bit ignorant for not
    having heard of it before

  6. yeah it absorbs sweat like no other...

  7. i avoid polyester like the plague. too sweaty! but i too, would wear the shit out of this dress. the print is perfect!

  8. love white sands. i went there when i did my cross country trip a few years ago. also i remember PARTICULARLY loving the thrift stores in new mex. did you go to any? i used to wear TONS of polyester in the early 2000s (weird 70s phase) and cant stand the stuff now, maybe in part cause it makes me feel like im 16 again...in the worst way...

  9. wow it i s so pretty! and that dress rocks! can't wait to here more!


  10. That is some straight up gorgeous landscape. I recall when I lived in OR--I would have probably had a heart attack for joy in a setting that "bright."


    All This Grace and Charm

  11. That's a gorgeous dress! Really cool photos as well!

  12. we've done some GREAT thrifting! we ended up at one thrift store that
    has "ten cent tuesdays' on the last tuesday of the month (which it
    was). too fabulous. also I found justin boots, a vintage viewmaster
    and cowboy boots for under 5$ at another thrift store. too great.

  13. yep, the secret to getting off your skin = baby powder.

  14. your pics are amazing! i love those white sands. very magical.

    miss you...looks like you are having fun!

  15. Awesome shots :) I can never get enough of all that fun signage and the VLA looks amazing! :)

  16. GORGEOUS PHOTOS and that dress is to die for!!!!

  17. i especially like the photos with you by the picnic table... the shape of the metal windscreen feels very 1930s architecture- Art Deco?? (this is just a guess... i'm not good with architecture) and goes well with your dress! that place is gorgeous. just got your postcard and it's gorgeous too!

  18. guessing those are much, much newer than that, at least 1970s.
    however, they are probably supposed to fit in with the other
    structures at white sands, so styled in a 30s "park-itecture" way


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