April 08, 2011

Interview: Marie of Agent Lover

 I'm super stoked to feature an interview with Marie from Agent Lover, quite possibly my favorite blog. Marie is hilarious, vivacious and wears lots of dresses. (All images are from her blog and used with permission). 

*It's clear from reading your blog regularly that you have many close and meaningful female friendships. How would you respond to the stereotype that women are inherently "catty" and can not be friends?

It really bums me out whenever I hear a woman say "I don't have female friends because girls are catty." You know what, all human beings are catty and crazy! I've had to deal with as much dramatic, gossipy men as I have had to with women. Can't we all just admit that everyone's an asshole? And who are you going to talk to about ladythings with??? Men don't want to hear that shit!

When you really think about it, we are basically just these masses made of energy and emotions walking around, trying to understand each other while at the same time trying to understand ourselves. What a fuckton of chaos that is! People have come in and out of my life for reasons that were complete bullshit, but I wouldn't disregard a whole gender because of it. I think it's all a matter of finding the right people at the right times in your life and since we are constantly evolving, not all of them will stick around. 

And to end this long tangent, I think this Dr. Seuss quote sums up in general how I feel our different relationships with people can work: 

"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." 

Maybe that disenchanted girl just need to find another girl whose weirdness matches hers before she decides she can't be friends with women.

*What is your background in writing? You've posted pictures of your diaries from when you were a girl. Do you still keep a pen and paper journal or diary? 

Writing has always been my absolute, most favorite thing ever. I've wanted to be a writer since I was a kid. Nowadays I have dozens of journals that have random thoughts and scribbles written in them. Not to mention the tons of post-its and blank envelopes with notes and future movie lines on them...but most of my writing is done on my computer.  I don't keep a regular paper diary anymore and tend to only write in one when I have the rare urge. I do still love to hand write a to-do list though!

*Do you have a signature fragrance(s)? 

Anything that smells like candy basically! Lately, I have been wearing a different perfume each day. I'm still loving Marc Jacobs' Lola and a lot of the ones I wrote about here. 

*Best thriftscore? Worst non-buyer's remorse in a thrift store? 

My more recent scores are a black jacket with a gold tiger on the back and a Lisa Frank ballerina shoes poster. I don't think I've ever regretted leaving something at a thrift store. Maybe instead like, "Why did I buy this piece of shit? Oh yeah, it was 50 cents." I have probably been more jealous of other people's scores. Years ago some dude I met at a bar had a Cloak and Dagger shirt aka one of my favorite 80's movies ever! I was really pissed because that shirt should belong to me! 

*If crimes against fashion were penalized by law, which trends do you think should earn life imprisonment?

Is the blue lipstick trend still around? Because that whole thing was just rude to my eyes and mens' boners everywhere. Can I also send that thing known as Ke$ha away? Her whole existence is a crime against fashion, music and humanity in general. I will never approve of people wearing Uggs but my campaigning against them over the years has really done nothing to help get them extinct. LOOKS LIKE MY HANDS ARE TIED.

*A beauty look or trend you once rocked but will never try again? 

Do we have enough time? Because there is a lot. But the worst was when I was nineteen, and a candy raver. That meant HUGE Kikwear jeans, dishrag-thin halter tops...Oh man, I think I even wore a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle kids apron as a shirt! I had a butch haircut which I would style in a gelled-up, Sonic the Hedgehog sort of 'do. What the hell was wrong with me? That was the wildest/weirdest time of my life though so I can't hate, I can only laugh. 

*Favorite workout song(s): 

I HATE the songs they play in my exercise classes. Why do I have to hear Gaga, Rihanna and Far East Movement when I'm trying to get through this torture!! If they played some Outkast, Michael Jackson, Missy Elliot, even some old skool Britney Spears' "Toxic," I'd be way more into my workout. My ultimate dream is create a Motown-themed dance aerobics class so we can burn calories to some good old 60's soul.  I'm just going to have to become an instructor myself for this to happen you guys. So many ideas I have! So many things I want to do in this world!

*Favorite gangstas? (real or fictional) 

Latarian of course...

*Do you have a power animal? 

The Lisa Frank Hip Hop Bears...

*When did you begin collecting corn memorabilia? Can you pinpoint what it is about ears of corn you find so charming? Do you like to eat corn as much as collect its image? 

AHHH! The corn thing is so weird, I know. It began in high school when my drill team sold corn on the cob from a booth at the school's carnival. The two biggest perverts on the team (my friend and I) were amused that a group of girls in skirts were selling something so phallic and... played into it. God, this is so Lolita. But still I ask, why not cupcakes or Frito boats? Why corn? I'm not sure how this thing progressed over a span of thirteen years, but in 2004 my pal Klaus began photoshopping me into corn pictures...then there was the Ebay purchase of a corn costume in 2007..then my friends basically started collecting corn things for me. It's pretty awesome. As for eating it, well we all know corn is not the most nutritional food so I don't include it in my diet often, but GAWDAMN AIN'T IT DELICIOUS?! Have you ever had sweet white corn niblets on a veggie pizza?? HEAVEN.

*Favorite character from a John Waters movie?

So hard to choose! But I adore Wanda Woodward from Crybaby. Perfect bangs, perfect red pout, perfect bad-girl attitude. But somehow you know that underneath those constant eyerolls and dirty mouth, she has a heart of gold. I always like those types best.

*If you could go to any time and place to shop with an unlimited budget for one business day, where and when would it be? 

I would definitely go to London in the 60's and shop at Mary Quant's Bazaar and Biba! Then I would hop back in my DeLorean and go back to the future of the 80's to pick up some Betsey Johnson pieces.

*Could you please tell us more about your Awesome Cryptozoology Club?

I grew up reading UFO books and listening to Coast to Coast AM with my dad so I've always loved cryptozoology and stories of the supernatural. Over the years I've met more people (especially cool girls!) who were interested in those things too so I decided to make a blog about it! Unfortunately it still has yet to become a regularly updated site, but I still have hope it will be. There's always a lot of different things to write about so content is never a problem, but it just hasn't had its time in the spotlight since we are always so busy doing thirty other things. The blog comes from a very tongue-in-cheek perspective so it's really all for fun. But it's very close to my heart. If anyone wants to write for it please contact me! 

If you haven't already done so, check out her Agent Lover and get inspired. I can't wait to join that motown aerobics class, how about you?
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  1. dopest interview ever! i love both yous guys!!! xo

    p.s. wanda is my favorite too

  2. One of my top three favorite blogs EVER! Love Marie!

  3. Awesome interview! I enjoy this lady so much.

  4. Ah! I found this via Marie, and girl you ask her some good questions!

    ps your adorbs

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