April 21, 2011

Diana F+ Photography

I had some fun borrowing  a friend's Diana F+ earlier this spring. I've read that each Diana has its own unique idiosyncrasies. Well, this particular camera's anomaly is that its viewfinder is not at all calibrated to the lens so each exposure is sort of a surprise.
rocky horror
spotted paws
Another aspect about Dianas I've noticed is that they really like lots of light. Sure, the flash works and the colored gels can add a fun dimension, especially in really dark settings. But for vivid, sometimes psychedelic hues, shoot in bright light with the largest aperture. That gives this trippy effect:
like buttah
euphorbia and camellias
Double exposures are a breeze with Dianas. Simply do not wind the film between shots. Alternately, you can shoot an entire roll and then rewind and shoot over it again (I've yet to try this method.) 
tree hugger
The best way to get pictures you like is to take lots of them on a frequent basis. You see more photos taken with the borrowed Diana F+ here.
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  1. wow those are neat. I wish i even knew a little bit about photography I have no camera what so ever. And I'm techtarded. What would you suggest as a first camer ever buy?

  2. The diana f is such fun :)

    The viewfinder is actually not where the lens is, it's just above so it takes some getting used to adjusting to that. I thought it was even worse on the holga though, never could get used to swinging the camera down AND to the side when framing pics.


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