April 10, 2011

a couple random makeup looks and tips including easy smoky eyes

Here are a couple random makeup looks and tips from this week.
Most recently (ie right now) I am loving a juicy lips and khaki eyes combo:
(and wearing the heck out of my greek print dress.)
Here are my tips/suggestions (but of course 90% of makeup is just personal preference).
*If you have brown eyes (like me): Pick a khaki rich with golden and/or olive tones.
*If you have green eyes: Avoid wearing green eye makeup if you wish to enhance your eye-color. Instead, pick a khaki that is primarily brown with golden notes.
*If you have hazel eyes: The golden quality of this eye color is best enhanced by wearing very dark khaki shadow with brown undertones. Avoid olive and golden tones as these will detract from your eyes.
*If you have gray eyes: A green-toned khaki will enhance the "stormy" quality of your eyes. (However, if your eyes change color, it is best to treat them as green or blue).
*If you have blue eyes: Khaki shadow rich with golden and brown notes will make your eyes pop.
*If you have lips: MAC's Superglass in "cherry electric" is pretty universally flattering. (I bet it works great over lip-stains, too)

Earlier this week I wore smokey eyes with green mascara:
These smokey eyes are sssssssooooo easy: Simply buy a big fatty eye pencil that contains some shimmer or glitter. The pencil should be smudgeable or even a bit greasy (if the latter, set with translucent powder after application). All you do is sharpen the pencil mid-way. You want the tip not too sharp but not too dull to make this effortless. Line your upper lids,  either straight across or winged out just a little.

Top off with several coats of mascara (if using black mascara, do top lashes only). This is a great time to experiment with colored mascara. Keep lips simple.
I tried out this neon yellow polish by Nina professionals:
Fail! There's a reason this color was super discounted.... I didn't like the pearlescent tones mixed with the neon yellow and it took 4 coats to be opaque. I definitely prefer matte-finish neons. Is there any neon polish you recommend?

Well, please let me know if these tips are appreciated or not. Obviously I'm not a pro, just into color.
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  1. love your nail color!


  2. do i spy with my little eye glitter eyeliner? i would LOVE to get some!! i pined over it when hard candy used to make it but i no longer know who makes some! must make a trip to sephora! you eye makeup is so beautiful!


  3. I HATE it when you gotta put 4 coats of nailpolish on!! Or when I put said nailpolish back in the drawer and do it again several months later cuz I forgot!! Now I throw it away!! I like that neon color otherwise, tho!

  4. Hi there!
    Found you via Twitter and I have a great polish to recommend ........
    I like opaque, and less coats as well.
    I found one that works great (only 2 quick coats).
    It's called Sinful Colors , I bought it at out local Walgreen's drugstore.
    I am very finicky about polish and i bought Pink Forever ( very bright, bubble gummy and a bright peach )
    I'd easily give them a 10 !
    Hope this helps :)

  5. thanks! I have the sinful colors neon pink and really like the color.
    will have to check out the other neons

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