April 12, 2011

Airstream Outfit: "Edna"

You already know I'm enamored with vintage Airstreams. What better way to pay tribute to these beautiful icons of American design than a photo-shoot and outfit?  Melissa Mankins and I were graciously hosted by Tristan and Brie, owners of a rare 1959 Airstream Tradewind  currently under renovation. The main "character" in these photos is Edna, an uptight but innocent American tourist from the 1950s.
(50s dress and frames: thrifted * vintage sweater: Deluxe) 
The actor who played Junior Soprano said the moment he put on Junior's glasses he immediately understood the character. Well, when I put on those vintage glasses, I totally understand Edna.
That hat is actually an official cap from the Wally Byam Caravan Club, an organization founded to promote Airstream travel. Byam and other caravanners would wear these hats to help identify each other in large crowds while traveling. Pretty dorky, but Byam was inspired by berets after a visit to Paris.
 The vintage sweater features travel-themed appliques that remind me of the international caravans of the 50s and 60s (see my Airstream history post for more info). 
This dress symbolizes the classic Airstream pretty well. The blue represents the backdrop of big sky country against which the silver embroidery stand out like Airstreams on an open highway. It's a party dress because Airstreams are the known as Rolls Royce of trailers.

I wore another outfit, too. This mainly 70s getup represents Edna's secret inner wild-child, Elle.
(70s dress and shoes: thrifted * sequined hat: Deluxe) 
Lurking beneath the subconscious, Elle loves to come out when faced with the endless possibilities of the open road.

Hope you've enjoyed this photographic and sartorial journey into my love of Airstreams.

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  1. I'm so envious of your Airstream photo shoot, I have never had the chance to explore one before! Love the blue dress & the story behind the hat is too precious. Is your camera a vintage Holga?

  2. so gorgeous!! i love the idea of getting inspiration for an outfit from something like an airstream...

  3. I'm so envious of vintage airstream owners, they rule.
    it is actually a modern made diana mini. none of my photos from that
    day were any good : (

  4. sadly it's only vintage looking, it's a diana mini

  5. Oh Edna and her Airstream are just so ripe for a trip along Route 66 - her outfit is divine and what an absolute cutie:))) xo

  6. adorable!!! great idea and photos!

  7. those caps are such an interesting piece of history. do you own that one, or did the airstream owners? such a find.

    also love the make-up check in the airstream reflection!

  8. the cap is mine and was a generous and impromptu gift from a WBCCI
    member-- it's sorta difficult to own an airstream and be a curmudgeon
    I think.

  9. Adri@DreambookdesignApril 13, 2011 at 2:06 PM

    Oh I love airstreams too! And your outfit is amazing!!

  10. I think that cap is hilarious/awesome. Kind of reminds me of the beanie that Max Fischer wore in Rushmore.

  11. Wow, you look so amazingly cute!

    Love the little photo shoot. :)

    The Cat Hag

  12. ahh! I think i've already told you like 80 times how cool you are, but to reiterate it, that airstream and that outfit go together like grease and add to your coolness. I love the reflection picture, the lipstick is awesome! I think I might replace one of the photos i used in the interview i did with you a while back with it!

  13. Oh, I love the blue dress and this peak inside one of these trailers.

  14. Love the two dresses!! And the location! Super cute.

  15. Love the two dresses! And the location. Super cute.

  16. Love the dresses!
    Monique xx



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